Project Introduction

Project Introduction



In the “Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2030+” (the “Plan”), the Government has set a target of 65% to 70% reduction of carbon intensity by 2030 using 2005 as the base year. The Plan revealed that buildings consume about 90% of electricity in the territory while schools and universities consume about 4% of the electricity in the public sector of existing buildings. Therefore, reducing the carbon footprint of local schools can make a positive contribution to alleviate the effect of climate change.


To assist the school sector in reducing its carbon footprint and to instill the concept of green building into the next generation, Business Environment Council Limited (“BEC”) as the lead organiser, together with BEAM Society Limited (“BSL”) and Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited (“HKGBC”) (hereafter collectively named ‘the organisers”) launch the three and a half years “Jockey Club BEAM Plus in Schools Project” (the “Project”) with the support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. This Project is also supported by Education Bureau, Environment Bureau and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and is now inviting school sector to participate.

Objectives of the Project

This Project aims to assist primary and secondary schools to achieve the followings

  • Echo the policies issued by the Government to tackle climate change
  • Reduce the carbon emission by carrying out retro-fitting works
  • Educate the importance of carbon reduction to tackle climate change
  • Promote the green building concepts to young generations
  • Pioneer the school sector to achieve BEAM Plus certification
  • Drive behavioural change in the school sector

Our role

In this Project, the organisers will assist the participating primary and secondary schools to achieve the Project’s objectives via

Business Environment Council Limited
  • Conduct carbon audits for baseline and improvement year
  • Recommend energy-efficient retrofitting and equipment replacement works
  • Provide professional advice to participating schools for 10% carbon reduction
BEAM Society Limited
  • Provide educational workshops
  • Arrange green building tours
  • Inspire students to pursue further study and career developments in green buildings
Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited
  • Create a brand new BEAM Plus rating tool for existing schools
  • Assess submissions of schools’ green building performances
Beam Plus School

Potential benefits

Through participating this Project, participants could be benefited in terms of:

Reduction of the carbon footprint and operating cost of the schools
Heightening awareness and knowledge for students and teachers via education programme
Achieving the BEAM Plus certification
Demonstration in the school’s voluntary embracement of environmental responsibilities
Supporting carbon reduction target set out by the Government

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